Whatsapp Nereah?

Have you made a decision yet? Have you informed your parents?  Have you started having morning sickness?  What are you craving, is it omena and chapatti or avocado and sugar? How is your tummy? Is it showing? Has the baby started kicking? Imagine you are going to be a mother, are you excited or anxious? Pregnancy can be a very confusing state, but I pray that yours be filled with happiness, love and support. I really hope Sauti Sol are supporting you, hoping they didn’t vanish soon after passing  the message to you.
Tell me Nereah, how did you end up with an unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock? Was the sex consensual or was there any force, or any threats (you can always confide in me)? Was it pre- planned (the sex I mean) or did it just happen? Why didn’t you use a condom for goodness sake Nereah? Or did you have a condom accident, (sorry if that was the case).  Don’t you know the dangers of unprotected sex or did you forget that the cure of AIDS has not been found yet? Was that the first time you had sex or has it happened before? Nereah those men were six, who among them is responsible, or do you want to tell me it was all of them? Then how will you know the father?
Whatever happened Nereah, remember to learn, do not forget the dangers of unprotected sex, besides HIV, you could get other sexually transmitted infections like hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and genital warts, you might be at an increased risk of getting cervical cancer for having multiple sexual partners also(but I hope it was just one).
Whether you want to keep that baby or not is your decision Nereah, remember you will have nausea and vomiting alone, you are the one who is going to be in labor not Sauti Sol, it is you who is going to do the  pushing not them. While you will be having sleepless nights nursing the baby, Sauti SOL will be sleeping, waiting for their baby girl to grow into Lupita, their son to grow into Obama, or Nyerere.
If you choose to keep this baby however, get a written commitment from this guys, start your antenatal clinics right away, you can have an ultrasound to confirm the sex, so that you can decide on a name. Make sure you start your IFAS, get them to help you with baby shopping, remind them to save up for the delivery, a nanny, and if you want a Lupita or a Nyerere, start saving for his/her education.
Now if you have a problem understanding this Nereah, please give these words to Sauti Sol, tell them to make a song out of these very words( trust me they will, they are soo talented). Then if you have a question, tell them the question, they can ask me through a song. Bye Nereah, hope this helps you