Doctors Should Stick With Their Bad Handwriting

When Gabriel walks into the gynecology clinic, I am expecting that his wife will follow him into the consultation room. But he closes the door behind him and takes a seat . And no, he doesn’t have any problem really, just a small question though; “daktari, they say that my wife has an incompetent cervix“, he begins tentatively. So I look up at him and wait for him to ask his question. He regards me for a moment then goes on, “tell me daktari, how can a cervix be incompetent?’ I look at him closely for the first time, he looks like one of those men who go to beauty parlors for a facial. He has the smoothest face south of Sahara, and for a minute, I almost pass a hand over my own face. “cervical incompetence’, I begin, “means that during pregnancy, the cervix dilates and becomes thin before the pregnancy reaches term. The effect of this is pregnancy loss or a miscarriage”. He exhales visibly and I almost chuckle. I mean what did he think after seeing the diagnosis? I want to explain further but he is ready to take his leave. He extends his hand and I shake him while he mutters his thank yous then quickly leaves closing the door behind him. I try to imagine what he saw written on his wife’s consultation card. The correct term is “cervical incompetence” how did it become incompetent cervix? As the next patient walks in, I decide doctors should just stick with bad hand writing. Writing in a legible hand writing that patients and their relatives can easily read might give someone a heart attack soon. Imagine that man seeing incompetent cervix as his wife’s diagnosis? What was the first thing that came to his mind? Now imagine if that man decided to be unreasonable, arrived at his own conclusions and confronted his wife about it? Maybe he might have included it in his list of abuses; good for nothing woman, lazy, incompetent cervix, idiot.

NB; always ask your doctor to explain everything, you can’t form an opinion based on what you see. Sometimes, a list of words written side by side don’t mean what you think. Adios