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PINK underwear

Mama, you were right about this woman, it has been six months of torture, literal torture, now mama, I want to move back to my little cozy room in our house, I want to sit across from you during dinner and watch you dig into your brown ugali, and chinsaga, I want to come back to my room and sleep on blue bed sheets, I want to look up in the ceilings and see white, I want to look at the wall and see blue mama, because mama, I am tired of this pink doll, her pink face makes me want to close my eyes all night long, and she recently got pink hair, when I ask her she tells me it is called matching her hair with her skin tone, yeah her hair with her pinkish whitish complexion. She cooks pink mandazi, makes me skip breakfast every morning, when I ask she says I whine, her pilau always comes out pink, and abomination of abominations, she cooked me pink ugali, and served me with pale looking chicken, I was hungry, but I couldn’t look at the food twice, the thought of me eating ugali with food color made my insides churn, it made some bitter waters ascend in my esophagus and I ran into the bathroom to throw up, now the problem is, the sink is also pink, the towels are pink and the rugs are pink. This woman just can’t listen, she says she is classy and pink is her favorite color, she is tormenting me and when I complain she says she is a feminist, she doesn’t bow or bend her rules for any man. Now you see what I am going through? She never cooks me vegetables, she only buys some leaves and forces ,me to eat them raw, for my stool she says, then she blends pawpaw and avocado, adds some pink color to the juice and lots of honey and hands me a quarter of glass, of that stuff she calls that portion controlling. I have tried to make it work, but mama, my flesh is wasting, my eyes are tormented, only two days ago she burnt all my underwear and bought me pink under wears that look like hot pants, I take a shower in the morning then, as I am dressing I pull out my drawer just to find pink ugly things sticking out, I wore them mama, imagine that, and that not so straight gym instructor saw me in it, he winked at me, I had to run for the sake of my anal sphincter.

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Doreen Saringi

Hey there, welcome. I am Dr. Oyunge. Books are my second love and writing is my third. Once I take off my white coat, I pick my pen.

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Hey Doreen. I didn’t understand so well but I am thinking it’s oppression out of obsession for pink colour that her world cannot be unless it’s pink. Right?
Like trying to impose on others our values or likes irrespective of their tastes.


then in that case,you undrestood

molyna Molly
molyna Molly

Hahaha dead. Great art


thanks molly…keep reading


Andanje other methods are available..
..although not accessible …like HPV DNA


thanks all for reading

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