Let us talk cancer-cervical Cancer

We lost the battle against cervical cancer long before we started fighting it, but we are not going to sit back and act defeated. We will pick up the weapons and go back to the battlefield. We are not going to wait until we have symptoms so we  can go to the hospital, as women, we have to set aside time and money for us, time to go to the gynecologists and have a checkup, yeah just a checkup even when everything feels fine, even when there is no pain, even when there is no bleeding. Society needs women, women who are healthy or the nation will starve, and our children will all get malnourished; we cannot afford to let them die of cervical cancer.
Screening programmes for cervical cancer are available. Pap smear is commonly used although other forms of screening are available.
All women should begin cervical cancer screening three years after the onset of vaginal intercourse. Women aged twenty one who haven’t started vaginal intercourse should also start screening.  women in their twenties  should have pap smears every three years.
At the age of thirty, women who have had normal smears are advised to do their pap smears every two years, unless they are HIV positive in which case they should have their pap smears yearly.
Women aged above seventy years who have had normal pap smears within the last ten years and women who have had uterine removal for any other reason apart from cervical cancer may stop screening.
A positive result may mean that cancer cells are present but if at all you have been doing your pap smears as is required you need not to fear; this only means that you are lucky to catch it early and you will mostly likely have the last laugh. Results are to be discussed with a gynecologist who will then decide on the next course of action.
If we don’t stop believing in treating, we will never win against cancer. Cervical cancer is a slow killer; it takes at least fifteen years to develop cervical cancer from the time of infection with the causative agent; a sexually transmitted virus called the human papilloma virus (HPV).
Women wait until they are having a foul smelling vaginal discharge, until their husbands move out of the bedroom because of the bad smell from between their legs, until they are bleeding after sex, until they are in pain that is when they walk to the hospital, fifteen years too late. They do not realize that cervical cancer kills them as they weed in their farms, as they breastfeed their babies, as they carry firewood, it kills them slowly, the cancer cells continue growing even when they feel okay.

Let us talk cancer- cervical cancer

A vaccine is available for prevention against cervical cancer, gardasil  and cervarix. 
Gardasil is preferred It is given to girls as young as the age of nine years, in three doses at zero, two and six months.
To defeat cervical cancer, we have to teach our women, the young and the old, that this cancer is purely behavioral, let us remind the old and teach the young ones about sex. We cannot hope that they are not having, (with all the influence from around and the glorification of sex), let us preach the need for having single sexual partners(if this is possible) using condoms(if having one partner is not possible), or waiting till marriage if they are that strong(although you cannot be sure that you can have a faithful partner in marriage).
Cervical cancer, if caught early in stage one and early stage two is curable through surgery. Timing is essential when talking of cancer. Let us be women who love ourselves, doctors cannot go out to look for us, but we should love ourselves so much that we see the need to see gynecologists once a while, this way we will catch disease early