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Morning sickness

Nausea and vomiting is often the earliest symptom of pregnancy for most women. It often starts from week six of pregnancy and persists till the end of the first trimester (week twelve). There are however no absolutes in the world of medicine, this could persist beyond week twelve (God forbid ooh).

Contrary to its name, it is not limited to mornings. It can happen a few six minutes past noon, seven thirty at night or even six in the morning! This is what actually makes it more miserable.

Mild nausea and occasional vomiting is normal in pregnancy. It is called emesis gravid arum in medical circles, a term that can be loosely translated to mean vomiting of pregnancy.

Emesis gravid arum is often mild and can be managed at home.

  1. Here is what to do;
  • Ask someone else to cook for you.
  • Sniff lemon- Cut a lemon into two halves and sniff it. This will reduce the nausea.

  • Eat small frequent meals- up to six meals in a day as opposed to three large meals!
  • Eat what you crave.
  • Drink small amounts of fluids frequently to prevent dehydration.
  • Eat dry foods-biscuits, toasted bread, crackers
  • Increase proteins and carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Add vitamin B6 to your supplements.

2. Avoid

  • Warm stuffy places- keep windows open and curtains drawn.
  • Spiced food
  • Lying down after eating
  • Fatty food, butter
  • Odors- stoves odor, strong perfumes et cetera.

A few women however experience a severe case of morning sickness, a condition termed hyperemesis gravidarum (as opposed to emesis gravid arum).

Apart from being nauseated, the mother to be vomits almost everything eaten, loses weight, and becomes dehydrated.

This is commoner in twin pregnancies or other higher birth orders like triplets or quads, first time mothers (primis), and obese women.

Women who vomit everything should definitely seek for medical help in hospitals earlier enough before they progress to the stage of weight loss, and dehydration. They might need to be admitted and put on intravenous fluids and medication till the vomiting reduces.

Their doctors will need to put them on drugs to prevent them from vomiting.

PS: Nausea and vomiting early in pregnancy could occur due to an illness. It is then prudent to seek medical help should it become too much or if it happens to be accompanied with other symptoms.

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