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Let us talk cancer- cervical cancer

A vaccine is available for prevention against cervical cancer, gardasil  and cervarix. 
Gardasil is preferred It is given to girls as young as the age of nine years, in three doses at zero, two and six months.
To defeat cervical cancer, we have to teach our women, the young and the old, that this cancer is purely behavioral, let us remind the old and teach the young ones about sex. We cannot hope that they are not having, (with all the influence from around and the glorification of sex), let us preach the need for having single sexual partners(if this is possible) using condoms(if having one partner is not possible), or waiting till marriage if they are that strong(although you cannot be sure that you can have a faithful partner in marriage).
Cervical cancer, if caught early in stage one and early stage two is curable through surgery. Timing is essential when talking of cancer. Let us be women who love ourselves, doctors cannot go out to look for us, but we should love ourselves so much that we see the need to see gynecologists once a while, this way we will catch disease early

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