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If you are not a sports enthusiast, it is easy to dismiss football as a group of men or women chasing inflated rubber, and a stadium filled with mad people cheering, jeering, laughing and crying as the men or women in the field run and kick a ball for ninety minutes. Sports are an essential part of our lives contributing to our economy in numerous ways for example; they create direct employment activities for the players, their managers and trainers, it also creates jobs indirectly in the tourism industry, the media and even the transport industry. Money collected from sports contributes to the growth of the economy. Sports also contribute to the health of the population and also fosters cohesiveness.
Sports activities have been affected by Covid-19 in the following ways;
Suspension of sporting activities
since sports bring together people from various parts of the country to participate, facilitate or spectate, suspension of sporting activities is one of the measures that has been used to limit/slow the spread of Covid-19. this has led to the disruption of the sports calendar. while life has continued, sports persons and their fans greatly miss these activities.
sportsmen and women, their trainers and managers have had to look for alternative sources of income to cushion them during this time since they lack the direct revenue collected from sporting events.
Loss of jobs
The sports and entertainment industry is a big employer. With the ban on gatherings and sports, people directly employed by the sporting industry and those indirectly employed have had to lose jobs or seek alternative employment as they wait for life to go back to normalcy.
Loss of revenue
Sports generate revenue directly through the fees paid by fans to watch games, they create income for the media industry through the adverts that are played during broadcast activities. All these has been lost as there has been minimal sports since the outbreak of Covid-19
Alternative sports
With the closure of dance studios, public pools and gyms, people have resorted to exercise at home and use the internet to connect with instructors online.
Most people who relied on these activities to keep fit have gained back the weight they were struggling to lose!
Watching a sporting event live is a good source of entertainment and a wise way of spending time. Lack of live matches has resulted in a population that is bored with not many ways of passing time during weekends and holidays!
The hope however is,, as more people get vaccinated, we will have a population that is immune and that these sports will resume as before, that soon, there will be players playing, fans cheering, traders selling caps, t-shirts, water et cetera!

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